Follow Your X Factor

The common perception of our youth is associated with words like aggression, chauvinism,masochism, street-smart boldness & cockiness.

These are the common and largely seen traits that define the pulse of the youth.

However, the philosophy of X-MEN is to appeal to the more intelligent, wise, goal-driven, compassionate, helpful and confident side of Generation Y as opposed to them being indolent, lazy, power-hungry and aggressive.

Each of our X-MEN are superheroes with special powers. Be it wit, humility, electrifying charm, presence of mind or an unbelievable talent - each of our X-MEN are proud to celebrate their X factor - that slight extraordinary edge that makes them different from others.

X-MEN believes that every man is extraordinary. Whether it is work commitment or grooming themselves, men prove to be passionate, focused and confident in any field. Ever ready to take up challenges in their lives.

Let’s embrace this unique X-Factor! Something that sets you apart from the crowd. Let’s celebrate the differentiators! To those heroes! To those X-traordinary men!

And who better than Sir Jadeja to represent these qualities? Ravindra Jadeja’s nature is the essence of what X-MEN as a brand stands for. His passion towards his sport, his focus on his work and his confidence to achieve his goals makes him an X-MEN with true extraordinary nature. Have an X-traordinary story like this? Then write to us on and stand a chance to be featured on our website!